Welcome to Celebes Artha Ventura

Established in 1996 by Hendrick Kolonas, Celebes Capital (PT. Celebes Artha Ventura) is a dynamic investments company with a strong track record. Celebes Capital typically operates as a venture builder but it also has the flexibility to invest as minority shareholders.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop Indonesian companies that possess sustainable comparative advantages, in order to deliver a positive impact to our society and economy as a whole. We believe in fair business practices to benefit our customers, employees and partners.

Celebes Capital

As a venture capital fund, Celebes Capital aims to invest in small to medium enterprises in Indonesia with high growth potential. We focus on various structures of investing in order to create flexibility and valuable opportunities for our partners.

Investment Focus

We place strong emphasis on finding the perfect investing opportunities in high potential industries in Indonesia. Our strong management team allows us to identify high value investment opportunities that maximize returns.