Our License

PT. Celebes Artha Ventura currently operates under a venture capital license, according to the Decree of the Minister of Finance Republic of Indonesia, with registration number 329/KMK.017/1997. Our license was renewed by the Minister of Finance with decree number 206/KM.10.2010 on the 19th of April, 2010.

Our History

The PT. Celebes Artha Ventura Story

Although established since 1996, Celebes Capital did not begin its operations until the year 2000. PT. Celebes Artha Ventura was initially formed as a stock investing company but, it wasn't long before our management team began to see a growing opportunity in the private investments landscape in Indonesia. Equipped with a highly experienced team and backed with capital, PT. Celebes Artha Ventura undoubtedly had the correct ingredients to enter into this highly opportunistic space.

Attracted to higher potential returns and committed to impact the Indonesian entrepreneurship community, our team began its effort to transform PT. Celebes Artha Ventura into a venture development company. PT. Celebes Artha Ventura has since operated as a venture capital company with the vision to become one of the leading investments company in Indonesia. To date, Celebes Capital has invested in companies in the fields of Multifinance, Insurance, Automotive, Mining, Agriculture and Infrastructure. In addition, Celebes Capital recently established its division of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Financing in 2009.

Equipped with a strong management team, we continuously strive to build ventures that focus on empowering the community through strong values. By providing capital, technology, and even expertise, we cultivate passionate ideas and transform them into successful corporations. We always strive to practice strong values that encourage integrity, empathy, continuous improvement, sustainability and team work in all our business dealings. We never fail to place a strong emphasis on our mission and values, in order to provide a conducive working environment for our employees and partners.