Our Focus

Delivering returns for a positive impact on our society

Our research team continuously work hard to identify investment opportunities that will generate high returns, and simultaneously deliver a positive impact for our community. Our passion for entrepreneurship, innovation and development encourages us to develop successful companies that contribute to the Indonesian economy.


The fourth largest country in the world

Equipped with a large population of 260 million people and a fast rising middle class, Indonesia is one of the fastest growing South East Asian country. As the fourth largest country in the world, Indonesia undoubtedly has the potential to grow rapidly in the coming future. Our aim is to harness this potential and transform it into visionary corporations.


Financing our way to a better society.

With the fast rise of the Indonesian middle class, the consumer and small business financing sector has grown rapidly in the past decade. The growth in Indonesian spending has allowed financing companies to flourish and grow at an incredibly fast pace. Seeing a large opportunity in this field, Celebes Capital has become one of the fastest growing pioneers in this industry. Our financing ventures span over a large range of industries, from automotive to agriculture financing. With a management team that possess extensive financial background, Celebes Capital leads the way to success in this industry.


Assurance for our community.

The rapid growth of the insurance industry in Indonesia has highlighted the strong rise of the consumer middle class, who seek to secure a stable future. In the past five years, the insurance industry has demonstrated strong growth of around 20% per year. Since 2005, we see a steady growth in the demand for insurance products, especially for general automotive insurance, which rise linearly with the increase in car demand. According to data obtained from the Capital Market Supervisory Agency and Financial Institution, the insurance industry's assets increase averagely 18.5% every year. With a mere 1.3% penetration rate amidst a population of 260 million in Indonesia, the insurance sector has extraordinary potential.


Paving the way to success.

Infrastructure has become one of the main concerns amidst fast economic growth in Indonesia. Due to a fast growing population, improvement in infrastructure is crucial for sustainable development in Indonesia. Celebes Capital is committed to invest in infrastructure projects that will help Indonesia meet the gruelling demands of growth. Currently our infrastructure projects include optic fiber cable networking, an electric power plant and the building of electric network transmissions in various regions of Indonesia. With a 6.5% economic growth per year, we expect the demand for electricity to grow at an average of 8.5%, due to increasing demand in the industrial and property sectors. In the next five years, the electricity distribution ratio in Indonesia is expected to reach 67.9% and the number of new subscribers is expected rise by 15 million people. Celebes Capital aims to capture this market potential in order to garner high returns and in turn, positively impact the community.


Reaping gems for a brighter tomorrow.

It is no secret that Indonesia possesses one of the largest natural wealth in the world. Blessed with a plethora of resources, Indonesia has seen the growth of mining as a popular industry in the recent years. Celebes Capital, through its wholly owned subsidiary PT. Santosa Resources, owns stakes in various mining projects, including coal, petroleum, gold, nickel, copper and manganese. As the world's population continue to grow at an alarming pace, mineral prices have enjoyed steady growth. With its own team of geologists and experts in the field of mining, Celebes Capital aims to harness this potential in a sustainable way.


Growing for our community.

Blessed with large tropical rainforests and fertile land, it is no surprise that agriculture is one of the fastest growing industries in Indonesia. With the government continuously encouraging the growth of the agriculture industry, the outlook for this field is bright. Currently, the government of Indonesia is attempting to transform Indonesia into the largest timber-producing country in the world, which in turn can produce a multiplier effect for the nation. Sharing this vision, Celebes Capital has provided capital for projects that cover the financing of forest concessions, industrial plantations, and timber production.