Our Portfolio

We own a vast portfolio of successful business ventures in 5 different industries. Our investments have resulted in the creation of thousands of jobs in Indonesia. Equipped with a dynamic team, we continuously maintain a strong portfolio of successful companies. Here, we showcase some of our key projects.

PT. Sinar Mitra Sepadan Finance

Founded in the year 2000, SMS Finance has expanded rapidly in the recent years. With a large focus on consumer financing for the purchase of second hand cars, SMS Finance is one of the largest automotive financing companies in Indonesia. SMS Finance also provides financing for small to medium-sized business owners for the purchase of commercial pick-up and light trucks. Celebes Capital has exited the majority of its stake to Orix Group. Celebes Capital maintains a significant minority stake in SMS Finance.

PT Wahana Ottomitra Multiartha

Founded in 1982, under the name PT Jakarta Tokyo Leasing, WOM Finance was acquired by PT. Celebes Artha Ventura in 1997. After hiring a new management team and reorganizing the company, WOM Finance changed its core business of leasing into consumer financing, with a specialization in motorcycle financing. WOM Finance went public in 2004, and is listed in the Jakarta Stock Exchange. Then, in 2005, majority stock ownership was acquired by PT Bank Internasional Indonesia, Tbk. (Bank BII) and its consortium, International Finance Corporation (IFC) and DBS Nominees Pte. Ltd. Celebes Capital maintains a minority stake in WOM Finance, and is no longer involved in the day-to-day management of the company.

PT. Asuransi Jaya Proteksi

Jakarta-based Asuransi Jaya Proteksi is one of Indonesia’s top 10 general insurers and a leader in personal lines. Founded in 1963 under the name of PT. Maskapai Sari Sumber Agung, PT. Asuransi Jaya Proteksi started as a Marine Cargo Insurance company, but subsequently diversified into selling Automotive Insurance. Celebes Capital became a significant shareholder in 2004. Through valuable synergies with Celebes Capital's other business ventures, PT. Asuransi Jaya Proteksi has enjoyed exponential growth over the recent years. Recently, ACE Group invested into Asuransi Jaya Proteksi in return for a majority stake in the company.

PT. Pan Pacific Insurance

PT. Pan Pacific Insurance is an insurance company offering a complete set of general insurance products. In its young age, Pan Pacific has won many awards, recognizing the company for its rapid growth and excellent service. Currently, health insurance and auto insurance products are the biggest contributors to revenue for the company. Celebes Capital currently holds majority shareholding of the company.

PT. First Indo American Leasing

Founded as First Indo American Leasing in 1981, Celebes Capital acquired the company in 2005. First Indo America Leasing focuses on private and premium cars financing, as opposed to SMS Finance that focuses on second hand car financing. With over 50 branches in Indonesia, First Indo Finance has grown rapidly in the recent years.

PT. Central Santosa Finance

Started in the year 2010 through partnership with BCA, CS Finance provides consumer financing in the automotive space, mainly focused on the financing of motorcycles. CS Finance is focused on becoming the largest player in motorcycle financing in Indonesia. CS Finance's has a large focus on expanding its financing network across Indonesia with high quality customer service offerings.

PT. Vasham Kosa Sejahtera

Vasham works in partnership with Japfa Comfeed to provide venture capital financing to farmers through contract grower's programs with the goal of becoming the largest agriculture multifinance company in Indonesia. With a social impact agenda, Vasham focuses on the positive outcome that the company can provide to corn farmers. Japfa guarantees purchase of the corn that is utilized for animal feed production.

PT. PG Asset Management

As an asset management company, PG asset management has the goal of providing high value investment management services to clients. With products that are distributed through retail channels, PG Asset Management provides highly accessible investment products to all their customers.

PG Berjangka

PG Berjangka is a multilateral commodities brokerage in Indonesia with a license to trade in ICDX, an official exchange in Indonesia. Its primary commodity is gold, officially selling UBS gold bars, with 99.9% purity. It is the first company in Indonesia able to provide transparency in physical gold purchasing.


Headquartered in Malaysia, Jirnexu delivers end-to-end digital acquisition tools and solutions for Financial Service Institutions and service providers in Asia. They operate two consumer facing websites, RinggitPlus in Malaysia and KreditGoGo in Indonesia.

PT. iFORTE Solusi Infotek

iFORTE owns a license to provide satellite communication services in Indonesia. Owning its own infrastructure, iFORTE has the capability to provide high speed internet and data communication solutions throughout the nation. iFORTE currently owns broadband VSAT networks across Indonesia, utilizing SOLUSI.net as the ISP (Internet Service Provider). iFORTE also has begun to build sites of Micro-BTS in Jakarta. The company primarily caters to the corporate markets in Jakarta, as well as several other major cities. Celebes Capital has recently divested its stake in iForte to Djarum Group.

PT. Petroenim Betun Selo

Petroenim Betun Selo is an oil & gas exploration company started in 2012 with commercially operating oil fields in Betun and Selo in South Sumatra. Our commercial partnership with Pertamina EP allows us to obtain optimal long-term returns.

PT. SMS Energy

A power plant project located in Kupang, part of the NTT province and will be the largest operational power plant in the city. The power plant will begin its operations in early 2017 and our contract allows 25 years of operations with highly optimal returns.

PT. Communication Cable Systems Indonesia

PT Communication Cable Systems Indonesia offers fiber optic project execution, engineering services, installation, maintenance and all support to meet different customer needs. PT Communication Cable Systems Indonesia has been preferred as a main supplier in telecommunication industries, oil & gas industries, power utility, railway transport authority, and private enterprises. PT Communication Cable Systems Indonesia by 2007, has renewed its Quality Management Systems and achieved ISO 9001-2000 Quality Management Systems Certificate.

PT. Supratama Aneka Industri

Supratama Aneka Industri has an integrated production facilities that are machine for producing sheet extruders, thermoforming machine for cup production and injection machines. They are all from well-known World machine builders to fulfill the market needs which demand good quality products, Supratama with its experienced in man power and sophisticated machines is your right partner for plastic packaging supplier. As Supratama mainly supplies to the food & beverage industry. There is no doubt that the use of special grade of plastic material is a must. In this respect, Supratama uses only the required plastic material for food & beverage in accordance with FDA (Food and Drug Administration) standard.

PT. Trafoindo Prima Perkasa

Trafoindo Prima Perkasa is one of the largest transformer manufacturers in Indonesia accredited with high quality international standards certifications. The company has grown its profits significantly over the past few years and generates annual dividend payments.